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The GreenCityLabHuế


In June 2022, the GreenCityLabHuế opened its Living Exhibition/Display at three locations in Huế. The GreenCityLabHuế invites experts and decision-makers, residents of Huế, but also tourists to visit the exhibition/display and to learn about the positive contributions of Green-Blue Infrastructure to urban life. Teachers and lecturers are invited to integrate group visits with their students to the exhibition/display into their teaching.


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What can I learn at the GreenCityLabHuế Exhibition/Display?

The exhibition/display currently deals with the following topics:

  • Huế as an historical Green City
    Learn why Huế is one of the greenest cities in Vietnam.
  • Green-blue infrastructure and Nature-based solutions in Huế
    Go on a (virtual) tour to different types of Green-blue infrastructure in Huế. Share with us and other visitors your favorite green or blue space.
  • Climate change in Huế and Vietna
    Understand the challenges that climate change and its impacts pose to Huế, (Central) Vietnam and worldwide.
  • Advantages of Nature-based solutions
    Learn why Green-blue infrastructure is a great solution to deal with environmental challenges and climate change impacts.
  • Green-blue infrastructure activities in Huế
    Discover current activities, projects and developments to support GBI and NBS in and around Huế.
The GreenCityLabHuế Exhibition/Display


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