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The GreenCityLabHuế is a consortium of research institutes and think tanks from Vietnam and Germany aiming at creating a more sustainable, resilient, inclusive, and greener future for the city of Huế (Thừa Thiên Huế Province, Central Vietnam).

Due to its unique historical heritage with stunning monuments, its rich traditions in the fields of culture and science, and its relatively untouched cityscape embedded between mountains, the Huong River and the sea, Huế stands out in comparison to other Vietnamese and Southeast Asian cities. However, also Huế is facing increasing challenges from climate change, population growth, rapid urbanization, social inequality, and environmental degradation that put the city in danger of repeating the mistakes of other urban regions regarding uncontrolled urban development that exacerbates their social and environmental problems.

Huế still has the chance and the potential to take its own way by using its strengths and initiating growth by finding solutions based on sustainability and nature. Thus, Huế can be a positive example for other cities in the region. The GreenCityLabHuế aims at supporting the city in this by generating knowledge and ideas about nature-based solutions for upcoming environmental challenges, thereby providing space for creativity, discussion, and scientific validation that includes the input from decision-makers, researchers, public and private stakeholders, civil society, and the citizens who live in the city.

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