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The GreenCityLabHuế


Showcases for GBI and NBS

The GreenCityLabHuế aims at providing proposals for the implementation of future interventions of green and blue infrastructure in Huế and thus implements experimental GBI interventions on the scale of individual plots, so called “showcases”. This way, the project wants to demonstrate and evaluate effects of green and blue infrastructure in practice.

On the one hand, these showcases will increase the visibility of the GreenCityLabHuế activities in the city and will serve as descriptive practical examples that enable decision-makers, stakeholders and citizens to learn more on Nature-based Solutions and the effects of green and blue infrastructure. On the other hand, they will be used as “real life laboratories” for validating and measuring the modelled impacts on ecosystem services.

In order to ensure that the designs of the showcases are adapted to the different needs of the sites, but also to the needs of the residents in the neighborhoods, a design competition is held, inviting the citizens of Huế to contribute their ideas for the locations of the showcases. The GCLH consortium created and managed the guidelines in the form of rules and objectives for this design competition and provided the scientific input to the NBS. The selection of the designs, especially with regard to the social and cultural needs of the sites, was left to the participants of the design competition. The selection process for the four final showcases, which will be realised the following year, comprises a total of 3 rounds. In the final round, there are 8 candidates from which 4 winners (one per showcase location) will be selected.

The following sites were selected during the definition phase of the GreenCityLabHuế project.


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