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On September 19, 2023 and September 20, 2023, the GreenCityLabHuế project successfully held two public events in two districts of Hue City, one in Thuy Bieu Ward located on the outskirts of the city and one in the downtown district of Phu Hoi Ward. Many citizens from Thuy Bieu and Phu Hoi, as well as some residents from neighboring districts attended the public events. The public meetings created a lively and productive community-learning atmosphere on green and blue infrastructure. Participants learned from each other and had the opportunity to follow the discussions of the other groups. Based on the three questions discussed, people in each district brought their individual perspectives and contributions to the GreenCityLabHuế project on the topic of ecosystem-based climate adaptation in their neighborhoods.

Regarding the main challenges and threats in the region related to heat stress and air quality, participants provided valuable information on the particular concerns within their neighborhoods. Participants in Thuy Bieu indicated that they feel hot days are becoming more frequent due to climate change, that plants and animals need more water, and that they need to install more air conditioners because fans are no longer cool enough. Participants in Phu Hoi district indicated that heat stress is more frequent than before, in part because there are few trees in this inner-city area. They also said that the increasing density of traffic and construction is severely affecting air quality and causing more and more dust and exhaust fumes.

When asked about the main problems related to public and urban green spaces, participants also showed clear differences between the two districts. Participants in Thuy Bieu were satisfied with the green spaces provided by the existing orchards and the nearby Vong Canh hill, but criticized that due to its location, there is access to natural areas, but urban public green spaces within the district are completely lacking. In contrast, participants in Phu Hoi felt that the quality of public green spaces is not guaranteed, that there is a lack of shade and low tree diversity, that park construction projects take too long, and that there are still a few brownfields within the inner-city district that could be converted into green spaces.

Participants at the two workshops also gave very different input on the question of how to use public green space. Participants in Thuy Bieu felt that people lack public spaces for relaxation, sports, cycling, children’s playgrounds, and walking pets. Participants in Phu Hoi felt that public green spaces in their area are used in more diverse ways, such as for events, for dancing, for sports activities, as a playground for children, as a place for dating and meeting people, and as a place for street vendors and restaurants, and need to meet these different demands.

After the group discussion, participants then proceeded to mark potential green spaces in the area or places that need additional trees on maps of their neighborhoods.

The last part of the public meetings was an introduction to the “green showcases” (exemplary implemented nature-based solutions) developed for Thuy Bieu and Phu Hoi districts under the GreenCityLabHuế project. Participants expressed their support and looked forward to visiting these new green spaces as soon as possible.

The GreenCityLabHuế project sincerely thanks the Thuy Bieu Ward People’s Committee and Phu Hoi Ward People’s Committee for their organizational support, as well as the interest and participation of citizens from Thuy Bieu, Phu Hoi and Hue City Districts.

The Public Event of the GreenCityLabHuế project in Thuy Bieu ward

The Public Event of the GreenCityLabHuế project in Phu Hoi ward

Group discussion at the Public Event in Thuy Bieu ward

Group discussion at the Public Event in Phu Hoi ward


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Representative presented the results of their group discussion in Thuy Bieu ward

Representative presented the results of their group discussion in Phu Hoi ward

Group discussion about the potential green space in Phu Hoi ward

Group discussion about the potential green space in Thuy Bieu ward